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Who We Are

Huttons DND, Desmond Ng District was found by Desmond Ng and several other top producers in Huttons who had a common goal: To bring satisfaction to all their clients and as a result, to be the top producing division in Singapore. In this division, Desmond Ng and leaders is ever willing to share their secrets of success as they strongly believe that with proper leadership and training, everyone can become a “closer”.

Ranging from workshops that guides you on marketing yourself effectively to polishing of presentation techniques, Huttons Premium Division aspires to provide their agents with the most updated training that’s relevant to the market situation. Additionally, our workshops would also include the forecasting of future market changes so that we can capitalize on it as a team. As sharing is one of the core values of this division, all workshops are made readily available to all agents in order to equip them with the appropriate skills for their next career breakthrough.

Why Join Us
In a short span of 12 years, Huttons has made a name for itself on marketing successful property launches in Singapore. Behind the success of the company is a dynamic team of real estate agents who’re responsible for overwhelming positive response to all its launches, of which many are fully sold.

That team is also known as the DND, led by Desmond Ng and his Champions.

The Team believes in the power of synergy and guides the team members based on 4 core values

  • A strong sharing culture
  • An effective sales system
  • Top notch training & support
  • The mindset of becoming a Closer

A Culture of Sharing

We believe that having a corporate culture of sharing is important for all our teammates in DND. Only when leaders and teammates all freely share information, ideas and experiences with one another, can we progress not just as individuals, but as a team.

Everyone that’s new to the team can expect to be carefully guided via a step-by-step approach. From closing their first deal to becoming a top producer, only at DND, you are guaranteed to undertake a fruitful career.

The Effective Sales System

It must be a mystery for new agents on how their experienced competitors seem to possess that Midas touch of being able to constantly get customers and close deals every other weekend.

The answer is neither mythical nor magical but methodical. It can simply be achieved by having an effective sales system.

In the DND, we provide all our teammates with a proven platform which focuses on:

  • Growing your customer network
  • Reaching out to all buyers and sellers
  • Live updates and instant sales support
  • How to close deals effectively and consistently

Through the diverse experience of our leaders, we will show you the rope to creating your own system and eventually, groom you to become the next producer of tomorrow.

Training to be better

We believe in training. And we welcome you to join us in a series of training and sharing sessions to become part of the team, as closers.

In our workshops, we will analyze the market condition as a team and brain storm on how to capitalize on it together. At the same time, our agents are also encouraged to share interesting anecdotes they may have encountered during showrooms and other relevant techniques that they have benefited through their experience.

Some of our training sessions include:

  • Real Estate Starter’s Programme
  • Series of Presentation Training
  • On-Site Presentation Sharing Sessions
  • Secrets of Effective Prospecting & Marketing
  • Secrets of Closing
  • Table Closings Techniques
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • A series of trainings which covers Private Residential, Commercial and Industrial real estate
  • & many more!

The Closer

The term “Closer” in the real estate industry refers to someone who closes deals consistently.  A Closer excels in every aspect of real estate, from being a rookie performer in getting new clients to achieving the status of a Top Producer, who closes deals effectively through his presentations and interactions with his clients.

So wait no longer – join us today!  At the Premium Division of Desmond Ng & Champions, we aim to make everyone a Closer. We will never say die, will never surrender! And we most definitely will not leave any teammate behind!


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