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Trevor Soon

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Trevor Soon

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Trevor Soon – Senior Division Director

Why I join Huttons DND

I love the culture and every teammate is really nice!

Why I love what I do

This Career allows me to do the things I have always  wanted to do.

Other than the tremendous financial reward, Real Estate provides a constant learning experience.

I have learned how to work with a wide range of different personality types and how to accept people for who they are.

Every time I meet new people or sell a new property, I add wonderful memories to my life.

Buying a home is definitely one of the biggest most important purchases a family will make.  I love that I get to be part of that process. It is a challenge to find the perfect home and it makes me happy to know that my skills, connections and experience can help a family find a place to call home.

An added bonus is the opportunity to understand my team mates and their needs, knowing and helping them see their strengths and weaknesses by giving my whole hearted support, advice, and encouragement.

My career path

My Real Estate career began since 1995 and that’s how I get my car plate number.

Since then I have been blessed with the opportunity to be actively involved in various sectors.

I started by doing Sales and Rental for HDB.

The year 2004 marks my entrance into Private Residential Project Sales at District 9 Vision Crest.

Joining Huttons in 2007 further expands my transactions into Commercial & Industrial Properties with the highlight of selling close to 30 units at Oxley BizHub.

My philosophy of training Real Estate Agents is by giving full support and individual bespoke business plan.  From the day the new recruits in RES, until the day the agents close their first deal, I am always there to support.


A day at work

  • involves frequent face-to-face, phone and email contact with many different individuals
  • toward the close of a transaction, maintains contact with clients and co brokers
  • network, arrange home showings for clients and present contract negotiations
  • prepares reports called CMA or comparative market trends, customized to the client’s area
  • focused towards marketing efforts, procuring clients and advertising sales listings

Being a Team Leader to me…

  • Has Clear Long Vision, Executes First Thing First,
  • Inspires & Empower Others to Action
  • Add Value, Do for Others What They Cannot Do For Themselves
  • Makes Top Management Efficient
  • Be a Great Negotiator, balances Confidence with Caution


What I love outside of work


I think the reason I love reading books so much is because in my opinion, reading is an almost magical thing and to be honest, I find it quite enjoyable as well as relaxing. If you sit down with a good book to read, it is as if you can go to an entirely different world, and be in a world of your own for a few hours. When you’re so deeply engrossed in a book, you’ll notice that books have that amazing ability to transport you, evoking different feelings of sadness, joy , anger etc,- it just all depends on what you are reading.


I love karaoke singing because It’s Fun & makes everyone happy.  Get constant laughter and occasionally bursting tears of joy when a friend sings out of tune while the rest add a bit of crazy drama, action or dance.  It makes you feel like a professional singer though you’re just singing for fun through applauds of friends and loved ones.


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