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We’ve all heard of success stories of real estate agents making their first million within 3 years of venturing into the business. But for every success story we’ve heard, there’s probably 10 more untold ones that ended in failure. So what exactly separates those who have succeeded and failed? Being involved in a team who provides Top Sales Training, that’s your golden ticket towards success.

Time and time again, it has been proven that sales experience is secondary in excelling in real estate. In the early stages, there may be a handful of eloquent individuals with slight edge over their peers but to be a top producer consistently, that requires effective training and having a success system. In Huttons DND, we’ll provide you with both.

Through their own diverse experience, Desmond and Leaders have come to UNDERSTAND and AGREE that performing in sales is neither about luck nor eloquence. It is about having a success system. And in Huttons DND, they have designed an easy-to-follow training system which made them the Champions they are today. Ranging from workshops on prospecting customers to presentation skills, only in Huttons DND, Desmond and Leaders will hand you the ropes to fine tuning your OWN system from THEIR experience.

So join our workshops TODAY and be the champions of TOMORROW.

Key components of our workshops: An effective marketing system, An effective presentation, Closing techniques

An Effective Marketing System

How do you effectively reach out to your potential clients with the least marketing costs? What are the secrets in real estate marketing which your competitors do not reveal? How do you out-smart and always be a step ahead of your competitors in marketing? And most crucially, how do you capitalize on a marketing cost of $10 and make $10,000 in commission?

The answer to all your “hows” is by having an Effective Marketing System.

At Huttons DND, we will impart you with all the necessary skills to market yourself effective and reach out to all your clients with the lowest cost possible.

An Effective Presentation

Having an effective marketing system is only practical when it’s supported by having equally effective presentation skills.

It is a common misunderstanding that good presentation skills is determined by being naturally eloquent. Through their own experience, Desmond and leaders have proven that false and they have created a training system that can make anyone a great presenter in a matter of weeks!

Presenting well is not just about answering to your clients queries during showroom day itself. It starts from writing your own sales script to rehearsing for your appointments and finally, equipping yourself with the right skills to handle rejections.

At Huttons DND, step by step, Desmond and leaders will show you the way and help you to create your own effective presentation system.

Closing Techniques

In Huttons, we would often call agents who are able to close property deals effectively a “closer”. If you intend on making your first million in three years, that is who you want to be.

In Huttons DND, we have designed a series of workshops that will impart you with the necessary skills to be one. “Dpremium table closing”, “Dpremium effective scripts for closing” and “Closing through financial calculation” are just a few of our workshops that we welcome you to join.

More recently in 2017, DND has launched the Real Estate Core Competency Course to equip agents with the latest industry skills and upgrades including Special Online Marketing, Project Marketing Sales Techniques, The Art of Serving Buyers and to name a few

So be a part of our team of closers today and move closer towards your dreams.

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