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Stan Chung

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Stan Chung

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Stan Chung – District Director

Stan Chung is considered a relatively new comer to the industry, with less than 5 years of experience in real estate under his belt. Perhaps this is the main reason why he is able to capitalise on the need for fast flexibility in today’s fast moving constantly changing pace in the Singapore Real Estate Industry.

At 30 and drawing a healthy salary as Regional General Manager of a trading firm, Stan took the plunge and went in full time as a Property Salesperson. With strong emotional support from his wife, Jocelyn, he pursued relentlessly on the secrets to becoming a successful realtor.

8 months into his career, Stan managed to achieve several awards which spurs him on to explore new territories.
These awards include:

* Top Rookie
* Top Group Director (Yes, as a new agent, he managed to juggle sales and coaching and in between, formed a small team of 20 agents)
* Top 10 Agent
* Top HDB Transactor

The market that intrigued him was the private property market and in Oct 2010, he made the bold move of moving to Huttons, to explore a totally new market.

Armed with the determination to succeed and encouragement from his soul mate and team mates, Stan took 2 months to hit Top 10 agent in Huttons. Constant strong results in sales see him adapting to this new market with gusto and his enthusiasm and success soon draw agents from other agencies to his team.

Perhaps it is because of his relatively new entry into the industry, fresh new agents are able to relate to what he coaches and the experiences he shares. Very soon, he sees success in his team’s growth when he started getting monthly Top Group Director awards in Huttons.

September 2011 sees Stan taking yet another bold step in his career in property. He took up the management role of Chief GL and was tasked with the management of the first project under his belt; Thomson Grand (Developer: Cheung Kong Holdings).

At Thomson Grand, he led the team to strong sales despite the introduction of Government measures in December 2011. With good teamwork and strong sales coaching, the team successfully sold out Thomson Grand in early 2012.

April 2012 sees a strong spark in both Stan’s career and his personal life. A month to remember, he was promoted to 2nd In-Charge (2IC) in Huttons, a promotion which paid homage to his dedication in leading his team well.

This good news is dwarfed only by the introduction of a new member to his family, his son Seth.

Seth’s arrival encouraged and motivated Stan to work even harder and with great amazement, he was given another promotion within the short span of 3 months. Stan was promoted to Main In-Charge (Main IC). This promotion ranks among the fastest in the history of Huttons.

Projects after projects, Training after training, Stan plowed through his career in Huttons with great colours. This can be seen in the good results that his projects produced. Some of his projects include:

* Cityscape@Farrer (Taken over from the initial 2 marketing agencies; Stan’s team sold 3 times as many units, taking less than half the time)

* Q Bay Residences

* Alexandra Central

* LIV on Sophia

* Thomson Three

* LIV on Wilkie

* RiverTrees Residences

In 2013, Stan managed a fantastic Double in his career.

In Huttons 1st Annual Convention, he won the award of Annual Top Senior Group Director and squeezed into the Top 10 (Sales) in Huttons. A befitting way to cap the great efforts and dedication displayed in 2013.

Leading a strong team of over 150 agents, Stan is currently working on coaching more agents and building up a stronger team.

Would you like to be part of his Dynamic Young Team?

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