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Linda Chow

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Linda Chow

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Linda Chow – Division Director


Why I join Huttons DND

I have always have had a good impression of the consultants in Huttons whenever I visited some of the showflats back as a customer. They were knowledgeable, polite and most importantly, I was being treated as a customer.  Placing Customers above all has always been a core value in my work ethnic in my 15 years when I was working in financial institution.

When I decided to join the real estate industry, I only joined the company and teammates that shared the same value as me. In DND, you will find the leaders believe strongly and advocate in the importance of customer – consultants relationship.   Without customers, we are nowhere able to achieve our goals.

Why I love what I do

I love properties. Simply adore them. This job allows be to see the most beautiful showflats in town. I can immerse myself in the multi millions showflats thinking how I can value add my clients house renovation.  I enjoy exchanging property investment tips with buyers and sellers. And best of all, this job allows me to sharpen my property investment skills so as to add on to my list of properties purchase. Isn’t this the best of both worlds?

My career path

I had a very successful career with American Express and ANZ as sales leader in their credit cards. I was always aiming and chasing for the next target set by my management. I would present loads of proposals to my business partners and then trained my sales team. However, I was burned out and needed a rest but also to do what I enjoyed and yet earned money. For the love of properties, I chose real estate. And I chose DND.

Amazingly, I became the TOP 8 Producer in Huttons in my first month of work. On my 1st year anniversary, I became the TOP 1 Producer for October.

A day at work

After sending my daughter to school, I would look at my emails, update my listing and scan through what are the available properties in the market that my buyers and sellers want. For customers who are not familiar in properties, I would personally do up a financial chart for them. Some days, I meet up my past buyers for coffees. Trust me, all your buyers will envy your job.

Being a Team Leader to me…

Is responsibility towards you and also your family. What warms my heart is when my team mate is able to close a deal and quickly bring their family out for dinner or purchase that special gift that he or she has been eyeing for their loved ones.

What I love outside of work

I love floristry. I have a certificate in flowers and gifts arrangement. I love to make people happy over my flowers or gift arrangement. I have the ambition to be the next Noel.

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