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Kia Eng

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Kia Eng – Division Director

Why I join Huttons DND

Frankly speaking, I joined Huttons DND because of a friend. I remembered I knew him from a real estate course. He was my classmate and he was focusing in HDB back then with another company. After some time, he joined Huttons and I could see that he was doing well. As I was also exploring better opportunities, I gave him a call to ask for more information. Throughout the conversation, I was convinced that Huttons DND  the right division that I’m looking for, a division which the division director and leaders will share selflessly and keep us up to date for the current property affairs.

Why I love what I do?

In real estate business, what I love most is seeing nice properties and meeting different types of people every day. I have met a lot of nice and rich owners who shared their life stories with me and their stories inspired me a lot and made me work harder to achieve financial freedom like them. This is a business which I truly enjoy.

I help owners to sell properties and make profit. I help buyers to buy their dream house. I help oversea tenants to find a nice house to settle down in Singapore. I help landlords to rent out their house to enjoy passive income. I help and help and help… With all the helps that I’ve given, my reward is my COMMISSION! I have discovered that the more people I help the more commission I will get. Isn’t that nice to get paid when you are helping people at the same time?

My career path

After high school graduation in Malaysia, I pursued my studies in Nanyang Technological University and chosen Mechanical Engineering. All the while, I thought being an engineer is a good choice. Until there was a few times I worked until midnight and without being paid for that, I thought that’s a tough life and I wanted a career switch. I always admired sales engineers who drive car and meet clients. So, I applied for a Sales Engineer job, selling machines. In Singapore, there is only a small pool of machining companies. Every month, I was meeting same group of people. There was one day, when I was sitting at a coffee shop waiting for my client, I thought… I must sell one thing that everybody needs it and they must own it. What is the “it”? Then I remembered I had a friend who worked in a real estate company as an admin staff. I asked her to introduce me a good leader in her company. After attending the career talk, I signed up immediately. I “tried” the real estate job for a few months, when I had stable income from real estate; I quitted my full time job and became more focus in real estate business. I have never looked back ever since…

A day at work

Every day, I will interact with my clients, follow up with the potential prospects and arrange for appointments. Not only that, I will also do marketing for the project that I’m focusing in.

Being a Team Leader to me…

As a Leader, I always make sure every teammate knows and understands the marketing strategies that I’m using. I feel that in real estate business, knowing how to get leads the most important knowledge that one needs to master. Besides knowledge, it’s always good to create a cohesive environment whereby teammates can share and know each other better so that they won’t feel alone, especially the new teammates. Therefore, occasionally, we will get together for a meal and share our experience, exchange ideas during the meal.

What I love outside of work

I’m a health conscious person. Every morning, I will go to park to practise Qi Gong. I’m also a devout Buddhist. Every day, I will spend 1-2 hours chanting and read a chapter of book about Buddhism. Every week, I also spend one day to do charity work in a temple. My life is kind of boring to a lot of people; I don’t go party and drinking… But, I feel good with whatever I’m doing. And I think; if not because of my flexible working time, I can’t do all these things that I love doing. Recently I have picked up a new hobby, which is internet marketing.


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