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Karen Tan

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Karen Tan

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Karen Tan – Division Director


Why I join Huttons DND?


1st –  A full range of training sessions provided especially for New Projects.

Kick start Explosive Sales Repeatedly.

Technical skills involved in transactions.

Soft skills like negotiation techniques, pitching, establishing good client relations, closing tactics and more.

2nd – Connect with Members

Group Sessions For Support, Sharing and Networking at large events and intimate gatherings.

Bonding Activity to Relax and Re-charge.  Teamwork Culture.

3rd – Training & Support

Visit Residential, Commercial and Industrial sites and receive exclusive On-Site-Training.

Effortless and Safe Listings Sharing System Among Team or with Everyone.

Why I love what I do?

I love waking up each morning knowing that no matter HOW much planning I do, my schedule will change at a moment’s notice.  Apparently I like living on the edge. Building a business will not allow you to take a back seat to opportunity. Building a successful business requires that you step out in faith and embrace risk, better yet, calculated risk.  It is all about taking the risk and reaping the reward.

Making the business fun and looking good keeps me going.

Real Estate is infinite, I don’t care WHAT the market is doing, there is business to be had.  Land cannot go away and people will want to buy and sell it.

Naturally, I make my client “feel” valuable and know that their needs, desires and opinions are respected.

An added bonus is I have the freedom to wear whatever outfit I want.

My career path

I began my Real Estate career in 2004, kick start with new projects launched by Developers on Residential in Prime District.

In 2007, I have joined Huttons, since then I have been actively involved in Sales and Rental for Private Residential and Commercial Properties.  I am also actively engaged in marketing new projects launched by developers,  especially High-end Residential, Cluster Homes and Commercial.

A day at work

  • coordinating appointments, showing and meetings
  • creating and distributing mailers
  • maintaining and managing client databases
  • researching active, pending and sold listings to develop CMA reports
  • responding to emails and phone calls
  • updating websites and social media profiles

Being a Team Leader to me

  • Has Personal Integrity Deals Honesty and Gains Trust
  • Solution-oriented
  • Fosters Self Motivation
  • Strives for Excellence Always
  • Nurtures Relationships

What I love outside of work

Climbing Bukit Timah Hill

The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is one of Singapore’s most interesting nature spots. As you might know, Singapore is an urban jungle and it is difficult to find natural greenery and places to sit down and enjoy the sun and sky. I love to climb up the Bukit Timah Hill, look at the flora and fauna, and check out some monkeys climbing around (really!)

Love going to the beach

  • jogging while enjoying the sea breeze
  • sitting on the boardwalk (Bedok Jetty) listening to your favorite tunes
  • watching the sunrise & sunset

Nice Cafe & Restaurant

Chilling out and enjoying the good company of friends and loved ones with good food in a hip cafe or restaurant ranks top when I am not working.


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