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Huttons MTD Lohei Celebration

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Huttons MTD Lohei Celebration

Category : DND Activities

Being part of MTD (Mary Tan District) family, Huttons Desmond Ng District, DND celebrated the Chinese New Year with a unique 2017 kickoff, held inside a floating restaurant. The evening was filled with fun and laughter. We invited many special guests and sponsors who had graciously contributed to our attractive lucky draws, and it was not without some challenging games!

It started with one of the biggest “Lohei” ceremony with probably hundreds of chopsticks.

DND, Desmond Ng District. MTD, Mary Tan District. KGD, Kevin Geow District. One big family!


Those buffets, games, lucky draws, spectacular view and some of us got sea-sickness… after few rounds of games and wine, it became quite the opposite!

Cheers to 2017! Huttons DND!


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