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Huttons Hope 2017

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Huttons Hope 2017

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Huttons Hope Event 2017

Huttons Hope made a difference in 3 young and ambitious Singaporeans’ future by providing them with a 3 years full scholarship support for their tertiary studies. They are from Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home, and were given the scholarships based on their academic performance and our assessment of other criteria such as their financial background. At Huttons, we believe that capability coupled with opportunity are key to success in any endeavours. These individuals had excelled in their studies, and we see the scholarships as opportunities for them to further their studies and achieve success in their chosen filed. Here is what they have to say about our scholarship program:



It has been a hectic and stressful time for my JC life, having to prepare for my A levels examinations in less than 2 years. I also had to cope with new subjects such as Economics and General Paper which are not my strengths. But having received Huttons Hope Scholarship, I pushed myself to give my best every time when I felt like giving up. This is because I know what HOPE really means – it is an attitude that gives me a positive outlook on life and helps me to stay focused on achieving my goal. Huttons Hope Scholarship has given me that HOPE and I will use it to be a springboard to achieve greater heights. – Raymond, Temasek JC (18 years old)
I certainly am truly grateful for the help Huttons has provided so that I can pursue my dream. Huttons’ gift has motivated me to do likewise for others with similar background and I hope I can contribute to help others too in the future. To me, Huttons Hope Scholarship is a great opportunity for me and has positively transformed me as a student. By allowing me to pursue my diploma without a single worry of the financing aspect, this Scholarship has allowed me to give my 100% in my studies. I am truly blessed to have this gift of education by Huttons, which is the greatest gift possible. I cannot express enough my gratitude but to thank Huttons for the full financial support, from the bottom of my heart. – Pooja, ITE Central: Business Studies (18 years old)
Huttons Hope Scholarship has helped me pay for my tuition fees and I would like to thank Huttons for the support given. I deeply appreciate the help as I don’t need to worry about money issues and can concentrate fully on my studies in ITE.I have enjoyed my Nitec course and would be graduating at the end of this year. My aspiration is to further my studies in Higher Nitec and subsequently pursue a diploma course. Thank you Huttons! – Dave, Temasek Polytechnic: Digital Forensics (20 years old)


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