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Desmond Ng

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Desmond Ng

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Desmond Ng – Senior District Director

Why I join Huttons DND?

Three reasons. First, the team culture is something you can’t find any place else. Every teammate is friendly and open to helping you learn and grow. You will just need to be equipped with an open mind to learn and it’s as simple as that! Second, Huttons is a place where I can continue my growth. In DPremium Division, we have all the trainings and success sharing sessions for becoming a top producer in the real estate. Third, Huttons has an abundance of new launch projects which is a great addition to the existing properties in the secondary market. And in DPremium Division, we strive to make everyone financially freed in the midst of enjoying what we are doing!

Why I love what I do?

When other ask “What is it that you do?” I love telling them that I am a businessman who sells and markets Dreams. Everyone will dream to have a property of their own and many have worked so hard so that they can be able to afford them. What is more enjoyable to be the person who makes their dreams come true? I get to see beautiful properties every day and it is a very rewarding career!

My career path

I remember the day I was in an open house of Ngee Ann Polytechnic undecided what I was going to choose for my studies. My key focus was to find a course which can provide me a job that interacts with people and pays well. That’s where I chanced upon Building & Real Estate Management. After my graduation, I had a brief experience with Far East Organisation doing property management. To pursue my passion in sales, I joined American Express International Inc. and I was doing corporate sales.

A friend who was in real estate encouraged me to join Huttons about 6 years ago because I was pursuing for a breakthrough in my career. At that time, that friend was making a whopping 6 digits figure a month and he was enjoying his job! I took the leap and have never looked back ever since.

A day at work

In a typical day, I interact with clients, conduct trainings in new development showflats, having meetings with the teams, mentor and train others, all the while sitting back smiling and enjoying my career.

Being a Team Leader to me…

As a Leader, I believe in setting the culture right. It is very important to create a cohesive environment where every teammate helps one another. Every day, a leader thinks of new ways and ideas to value add to the team. In fact, every leader’s objective is to ensure his or her teammates do well, have a sales breakthrough, maintain consistency and be financially freed! Every single day, I will find more creative ways to do just that

What I love outside of work

I love outdoor sports, mostly swimming, basketball and mountain biking. I remember taking part in the Street Basketball 3 on 3 competition when I was only 13! Certainly time flies! Occasionally, I will take a trip overseas for mountain biking with a group of “Khakis” And recently, I have a new passion in photography as I will go travelling with my love ones and take lots of nice pictures.


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