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Deryk Ng

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Deryk Ng

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Deryk Ng – Division Director

Why I join Huttons DND

I have been in many different real estate agency and I operate my own real estate agency from 2000 to 2007.  Around 2008 I decided to call it a day as I am tired of training and retraining as my company is  not able to retain experience agents as they are always expose to pouching by other agency.  I realize 1 thing lacking in my company, which is the product to keep my good agents from running away.    Meaning property listing.  In Huttons we are being feed with hundreds if not thousands of direct listing from developer.  This will help us retain our associates as there are plentiful of properties for them to sell.  The reasons I joined the premium is because :

  1. Very powerful sales skill shared with us by all our top leaders
  2. Very cohesive team which are willing to help each other.


Why I love what I do

I love helping my client make money. When they make, I will also benefit from it.  Running a real estate business is my passion. I enjoy the feeling of seeing my client so happy when they profit hundreds of thousands from the property I sold them.

My goal in life

In real estate to achieve financial freedom is no longer a hard to dream and hard to achieve especially if you are in employment.  For the past few years in Huttons, with good leadership, good training, good guidance I achieved Total financial freedom.  My next goal is to help my team mate to achieve the same ultimate goal in life – Financial freedom.  I always long to help the poor and needy but all these are not possible without strong  financial backing.  With the achievement ever since I am in Huttons, DND this is no long a dream and beyond reach.

A day at Work

I hate the idea to wake up early and get jammed in the traffic while travelling to work.  In my younger days in employment, getting caught in traffic twice a day is almost part of daily life.  Now my working life change completely.  I plan my work schedule the way I like it and enjoy the comfort of working practically in any place and any time I choose to be.

In the morning while typical workers are being caught in the MRT squeeze or Traffic jam, I am enjoying the cool morning breeze jogging by the sea or garden.  I jump right to work without wasting anytime the moment I get home. At the comfort of my home with light fragrance aroma and light background music, my working life is never hectic.   All the hard work, generate immediate and handsome return.

Driving and travelling to meet client now become a breeze as I always schedule to avoid travelling during peak traffic.  I could have more time with my family and plan holidays as and when I like it.  Best of all, I could buy and spend on things I love to have and enjoy in life.  My working life is never hectic anymore ever since I am in Huttons DND, its really enjoyable.

Being A Leader to Me

Growing a team is never in my mind but it comes so naturally.  Where good friends, old college just passionate to join me after seeing my success story.  The spider man movie says “High power comes with high social responsibility”  .  This remind me that as a leader I have a heavy responsibility to ensure everyone of my down line is well equipped with latest technology and a superior sales skill to excel and do well in their real estate carrier.

What I love outside my work

Running by the east coast sea, jogging in a garden is something I love whenever time permit.   With flexibility in managing my own work schedule, life is so enjoyable.  I love to travel, every end of the year I will spend 1 month, the whole month travelling. It can never be possible without the financial freedom I am enjoying now. So can you.

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