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Kia Eng

Category : DND Leaders


Kia Eng – Division Director

Why I join Huttons DND

Frankly speaking, I joined Huttons DND because of a friend. I remembered I knew him from a real estate course. He was my classmate and he was focusing in HDB back then with another company. After some time, he joined Huttons and I could see that he was doing well. As I was also exploring better opportunities, I gave him a call to ask for more information. Throughout the conversation, I was convinced that Huttons DND  the right division that I’m looking for, a division which the division director and leaders will share selflessly and keep us up to date for the current property affairs.

Why I love what I do?

In real estate business, what I love most is seeing nice properties and meeting different types of people every day. I have met a lot of nice and rich owners who shared their life stories with me and their stories inspired me a lot and made me work harder to achieve financial freedom like them. This is a business which I truly enjoy.

I help owners to sell properties and make profit. I help buyers to buy their dream house. I help oversea tenants to find a nice house to settle down in Singapore. I help landlords to rent out their house to enjoy passive income. I help and help and help… With all the helps that I’ve given, my reward is my COMMISSION! I have discovered that the more people I help the more commission I will get. Isn’t that nice to get paid when you are helping people at the same time?

My career path

After high school graduation in Malaysia, I pursued my studies in Nanyang Technological University and chosen Mechanical Engineering. All the while, I thought being an engineer is a good choice. Until there was a few times I worked until midnight and without being paid for that, I thought that’s a tough life and I wanted a career switch. I always admired sales engineers who drive car and meet clients. So, I applied for a Sales Engineer job, selling machines. In Singapore, there is only a small pool of machining companies. Every month, I was meeting same group of people. There was one day, when I was sitting at a coffee shop waiting for my client, I thought… I must sell one thing that everybody needs it and they must own it. What is the “it”? Then I remembered I had a friend who worked in a real estate company as an admin staff. I asked her to introduce me a good leader in her company. After attending the career talk, I signed up immediately. I “tried” the real estate job for a few months, when I had stable income from real estate; I quitted my full time job and became more focus in real estate business. I have never looked back ever since…

A day at work

Every day, I will interact with my clients, follow up with the potential prospects and arrange for appointments. Not only that, I will also do marketing for the project that I’m focusing in.

Being a Team Leader to me…

As a Leader, I always make sure every teammate knows and understands the marketing strategies that I’m using. I feel that in real estate business, knowing how to get leads the most important knowledge that one needs to master. Besides knowledge, it’s always good to create a cohesive environment whereby teammates can share and know each other better so that they won’t feel alone, especially the new teammates. Therefore, occasionally, we will get together for a meal and share our experience, exchange ideas during the meal.

What I love outside of work

I’m a health conscious person. Every morning, I will go to park to practise Qi Gong. I’m also a devout Buddhist. Every day, I will spend 1-2 hours chanting and read a chapter of book about Buddhism. Every week, I also spend one day to do charity work in a temple. My life is kind of boring to a lot of people; I don’t go party and drinking… But, I feel good with whatever I’m doing. And I think; if not because of my flexible working time, I can’t do all these things that I love doing. Recently I have picked up a new hobby, which is internet marketing.


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Benedict Choo

Category : DND Leaders


Benedict Choo – Division Director

Why I join Huttons DND?

The reason why I join Huttons and in particular Huttons DND, all comes down to a 20 years experience as a salesperson, a manager (leader), and a businessman.

As sales persons, it is important that we have unlimited access to good products to bring to our potential customers. In Huttons, we are pampered with new launches after new launches from renowned developers including CDL, WingTai, Fraser Far East and many more. This allows me to concentrate in selling without having to worry if I can find the next good product to present to my potential customers.

As leaders, it is important that I am recognized and given the opportunity and platform to lead, while at the same time, adequately rewarded. At Huttons, we can choose the career path of becoming a project group leader, chief group leader, 2nd IC and eventually main IC. This path is both rewarding and challenging.

The other aspect of leadership is within DND in Huttons. In DND, we believe in continuously sharing, training, learning and grooming our associates to be the next leader. Adding on to a strong cohesive culture, new associates are assured that they will never have to walk alone.

As businessman, we overlook an entire business module, set plans, targets and process and run them on a day-to-day basis. Apart from the importance of having the right infrastructure and support from the company, very often we need to tap onto the expertise of our fellow associates and partners. In Huttons DND, I can easily tab into other’s expertise without reservation. This allows me to achieve more with less.

Why I love what I do?

Real estate is a rewarding career if one is with the right company and surrounded oneself with the right people and team. However reward alone does not motivate me. I enjoy leading and making a difference in the life of people around me. As a leader in Huttons DND, I get to do just that, enjoying the reward of a successful career and leading and make a difference in the life of my associates and peers.

My career path

Graduating with a BSC Management (HONS), I soon realize that life is not all about paperwork. For the first 15 years I was in the car trade, starting from a sales person to eventually owning my own business. While the rewards were good, I cannot say the same about job satisfaction. Finally I found my place in the real estate business, where I can proudly say today, I am enjoying what I am doing.

A day at work

A day at work involves interacting with clients, addressing their needs and giving them the best possible advice for their property needs. Other then that I would most probably be meeting the teams, providing them with training so that they are well equipped to give advice to their clients.

Being a Team Leader to me…

Being a team leader to me is really about sincerely wanting to make a difference in the life of the people around me, in particular, my team. A leader carries certain responsibility to ensure the success of every teammate.

What I love outside of work

Outside work I am a free spirit. I enjoy hanging out with friends, doing sports from time to time, partying or travelling.

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Deryk Ng

Category : DND Leaders


Deryk Ng – Division Director

Why I join Huttons DND

I have been in many different real estate agency and I operate my own real estate agency from 2000 to 2007.  Around 2008 I decided to call it a day as I am tired of training and retraining as my company is  not able to retain experience agents as they are always expose to pouching by other agency.  I realize 1 thing lacking in my company, which is the product to keep my good agents from running away.    Meaning property listing.  In Huttons we are being feed with hundreds if not thousands of direct listing from developer.  This will help us retain our associates as there are plentiful of properties for them to sell.  The reasons I joined the premium is because :

  1. Very powerful sales skill shared with us by all our top leaders
  2. Very cohesive team which are willing to help each other.


Why I love what I do

I love helping my client make money. When they make, I will also benefit from it.  Running a real estate business is my passion. I enjoy the feeling of seeing my client so happy when they profit hundreds of thousands from the property I sold them.

My goal in life

In real estate to achieve financial freedom is no longer a hard to dream and hard to achieve especially if you are in employment.  For the past few years in Huttons, with good leadership, good training, good guidance I achieved Total financial freedom.  My next goal is to help my team mate to achieve the same ultimate goal in life – Financial freedom.  I always long to help the poor and needy but all these are not possible without strong  financial backing.  With the achievement ever since I am in Huttons, DND this is no long a dream and beyond reach.

A day at Work

I hate the idea to wake up early and get jammed in the traffic while travelling to work.  In my younger days in employment, getting caught in traffic twice a day is almost part of daily life.  Now my working life change completely.  I plan my work schedule the way I like it and enjoy the comfort of working practically in any place and any time I choose to be.

In the morning while typical workers are being caught in the MRT squeeze or Traffic jam, I am enjoying the cool morning breeze jogging by the sea or garden.  I jump right to work without wasting anytime the moment I get home. At the comfort of my home with light fragrance aroma and light background music, my working life is never hectic.   All the hard work, generate immediate and handsome return.

Driving and travelling to meet client now become a breeze as I always schedule to avoid travelling during peak traffic.  I could have more time with my family and plan holidays as and when I like it.  Best of all, I could buy and spend on things I love to have and enjoy in life.  My working life is never hectic anymore ever since I am in Huttons DND, its really enjoyable.

Being A Leader to Me

Growing a team is never in my mind but it comes so naturally.  Where good friends, old college just passionate to join me after seeing my success story.  The spider man movie says “High power comes with high social responsibility”  .  This remind me that as a leader I have a heavy responsibility to ensure everyone of my down line is well equipped with latest technology and a superior sales skill to excel and do well in their real estate carrier.

What I love outside my work

Running by the east coast sea, jogging in a garden is something I love whenever time permit.   With flexibility in managing my own work schedule, life is so enjoyable.  I love to travel, every end of the year I will spend 1 month, the whole month travelling. It can never be possible without the financial freedom I am enjoying now. So can you.

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Karen Tan

Category : DND Leaders


Karen Tan – Division Director


Why I join Huttons DND?


1st –  A full range of training sessions provided especially for New Projects.

Kick start Explosive Sales Repeatedly.

Technical skills involved in transactions.

Soft skills like negotiation techniques, pitching, establishing good client relations, closing tactics and more.

2nd – Connect with Members

Group Sessions For Support, Sharing and Networking at large events and intimate gatherings.

Bonding Activity to Relax and Re-charge.  Teamwork Culture.

3rd – Training & Support

Visit Residential, Commercial and Industrial sites and receive exclusive On-Site-Training.

Effortless and Safe Listings Sharing System Among Team or with Everyone.

Why I love what I do?

I love waking up each morning knowing that no matter HOW much planning I do, my schedule will change at a moment’s notice.  Apparently I like living on the edge. Building a business will not allow you to take a back seat to opportunity. Building a successful business requires that you step out in faith and embrace risk, better yet, calculated risk.  It is all about taking the risk and reaping the reward.

Making the business fun and looking good keeps me going.

Real Estate is infinite, I don’t care WHAT the market is doing, there is business to be had.  Land cannot go away and people will want to buy and sell it.

Naturally, I make my client “feel” valuable and know that their needs, desires and opinions are respected.

An added bonus is I have the freedom to wear whatever outfit I want.

My career path

I began my Real Estate career in 2004, kick start with new projects launched by Developers on Residential in Prime District.

In 2007, I have joined Huttons, since then I have been actively involved in Sales and Rental for Private Residential and Commercial Properties.  I am also actively engaged in marketing new projects launched by developers,  especially High-end Residential, Cluster Homes and Commercial.

A day at work

  • coordinating appointments, showing and meetings
  • creating and distributing mailers
  • maintaining and managing client databases
  • researching active, pending and sold listings to develop CMA reports
  • responding to emails and phone calls
  • updating websites and social media profiles

Being a Team Leader to me

  • Has Personal Integrity Deals Honesty and Gains Trust
  • Solution-oriented
  • Fosters Self Motivation
  • Strives for Excellence Always
  • Nurtures Relationships

What I love outside of work

Climbing Bukit Timah Hill

The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is one of Singapore’s most interesting nature spots. As you might know, Singapore is an urban jungle and it is difficult to find natural greenery and places to sit down and enjoy the sun and sky. I love to climb up the Bukit Timah Hill, look at the flora and fauna, and check out some monkeys climbing around (really!)

Love going to the beach

  • jogging while enjoying the sea breeze
  • sitting on the boardwalk (Bedok Jetty) listening to your favorite tunes
  • watching the sunrise & sunset

Nice Cafe & Restaurant

Chilling out and enjoying the good company of friends and loved ones with good food in a hip cafe or restaurant ranks top when I am not working.


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Linda Chow

Category : DND Leaders


Linda Chow – Division Director


Why I join Huttons DND

I have always have had a good impression of the consultants in Huttons whenever I visited some of the showflats back as a customer. They were knowledgeable, polite and most importantly, I was being treated as a customer.  Placing Customers above all has always been a core value in my work ethnic in my 15 years when I was working in financial institution.

When I decided to join the real estate industry, I only joined the company and teammates that shared the same value as me. In DND, you will find the leaders believe strongly and advocate in the importance of customer – consultants relationship.   Without customers, we are nowhere able to achieve our goals.

Why I love what I do

I love properties. Simply adore them. This job allows be to see the most beautiful showflats in town. I can immerse myself in the multi millions showflats thinking how I can value add my clients house renovation.  I enjoy exchanging property investment tips with buyers and sellers. And best of all, this job allows me to sharpen my property investment skills so as to add on to my list of properties purchase. Isn’t this the best of both worlds?

My career path

I had a very successful career with American Express and ANZ as sales leader in their credit cards. I was always aiming and chasing for the next target set by my management. I would present loads of proposals to my business partners and then trained my sales team. However, I was burned out and needed a rest but also to do what I enjoyed and yet earned money. For the love of properties, I chose real estate. And I chose DND.

Amazingly, I became the TOP 8 Producer in Huttons in my first month of work. On my 1st year anniversary, I became the TOP 1 Producer for October.

A day at work

After sending my daughter to school, I would look at my emails, update my listing and scan through what are the available properties in the market that my buyers and sellers want. For customers who are not familiar in properties, I would personally do up a financial chart for them. Some days, I meet up my past buyers for coffees. Trust me, all your buyers will envy your job.

Being a Team Leader to me…

Is responsibility towards you and also your family. What warms my heart is when my team mate is able to close a deal and quickly bring their family out for dinner or purchase that special gift that he or she has been eyeing for their loved ones.

What I love outside of work

I love floristry. I have a certificate in flowers and gifts arrangement. I love to make people happy over my flowers or gift arrangement. I have the ambition to be the next Noel.

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Joseph Lim

Category : DND Leaders


Joseph Lim – Senior Division Director

Why I join Huttons DND?

Firstly, I want to be part of the market leader in project new launches as this segment is where my passion lies.

Secondly, i love the culture in DND Team. We learn together through various training and sharing sessions which creates a open sharing culture that results in closely knitted bonds among the associates and leaders. I see my mindset transformed and my capacity enlarged in DND as I network with the top producers in the division.

Why I love what I do?

Years ago when I first started in this business, my mentor told me that to be successful in this business, you need to have a genuine love for what you do. At that time, i did not fully understand what he meant.

However, as i gain more knowledge in the business, I begin to feel the satisfaction that this business can bring apart from the monetary gains when I see my clients moving into their dream homes or cashing out their property for a good profit.

Now, i had fully understand what my mentor meant. I have been very lucky to do what i truly loves and seeing my wealth grew along the way. Over the past few years, i had helped dozens of families realise their dream of buying and selling properties.

My Career path

I started the business part time in 2009 during the economic downturn. When my part time income from the business exceed my full time pay check for a few months consecutively running,  I quit my engineer job in the marine industry and came into the real estate business full time in mid 2010. I have never look back ever since.

I believe in learning at every opportunity, and continually strives to perform at my peak potential. I’m a reader and has studied sales, marketing and negotiation techniques extensively and believes that my clients deserved nothing but the very best from me.

I keep myself updated of the latest local property news and trends. I believe that there is always a good deal out there and is able to advice my clients whether to sell their property or to make a purchase in any market condition. Many clients have written me testimonials to thank me for helping them to find the dream home and/or the perfect investment, where their entry risk is the lowest and the upside potential is the highest.

Being a team leader to me

Armed with the belief that you can have anything you want in life if you help enough others to get what they want, i started team building apart from doing personal sales. I believe that leadership is servanthood ie to be a leader to my team is to guide them, to show them the way, to share with them the strategies, marketing ideas selflessly and to mentor them to be more successful than me, enjoying the journey along the way.  I love it when team mates call me to share their closing joy with me. This is something that money can never buy.



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Trevor Soon

Category : DND Leaders


Trevor Soon – Senior Division Director

Why I join Huttons DND

I love the culture and every teammate is really nice!

Why I love what I do

This Career allows me to do the things I have always  wanted to do.

Other than the tremendous financial reward, Real Estate provides a constant learning experience.

I have learned how to work with a wide range of different personality types and how to accept people for who they are.

Every time I meet new people or sell a new property, I add wonderful memories to my life.

Buying a home is definitely one of the biggest most important purchases a family will make.  I love that I get to be part of that process. It is a challenge to find the perfect home and it makes me happy to know that my skills, connections and experience can help a family find a place to call home.

An added bonus is the opportunity to understand my team mates and their needs, knowing and helping them see their strengths and weaknesses by giving my whole hearted support, advice, and encouragement.

My career path

My Real Estate career began since 1995 and that’s how I get my car plate number.

Since then I have been blessed with the opportunity to be actively involved in various sectors.

I started by doing Sales and Rental for HDB.

The year 2004 marks my entrance into Private Residential Project Sales at District 9 Vision Crest.

Joining Huttons in 2007 further expands my transactions into Commercial & Industrial Properties with the highlight of selling close to 30 units at Oxley BizHub.

My philosophy of training Real Estate Agents is by giving full support and individual bespoke business plan.  From the day the new recruits in RES, until the day the agents close their first deal, I am always there to support.


A day at work

  • involves frequent face-to-face, phone and email contact with many different individuals
  • toward the close of a transaction, maintains contact with clients and co brokers
  • network, arrange home showings for clients and present contract negotiations
  • prepares reports called CMA or comparative market trends, customized to the client’s area
  • focused towards marketing efforts, procuring clients and advertising sales listings

Being a Team Leader to me…

  • Has Clear Long Vision, Executes First Thing First,
  • Inspires & Empower Others to Action
  • Add Value, Do for Others What They Cannot Do For Themselves
  • Makes Top Management Efficient
  • Be a Great Negotiator, balances Confidence with Caution


What I love outside of work


I think the reason I love reading books so much is because in my opinion, reading is an almost magical thing and to be honest, I find it quite enjoyable as well as relaxing. If you sit down with a good book to read, it is as if you can go to an entirely different world, and be in a world of your own for a few hours. When you’re so deeply engrossed in a book, you’ll notice that books have that amazing ability to transport you, evoking different feelings of sadness, joy , anger etc,- it just all depends on what you are reading.


I love karaoke singing because It’s Fun & makes everyone happy.  Get constant laughter and occasionally bursting tears of joy when a friend sings out of tune while the rest add a bit of crazy drama, action or dance.  It makes you feel like a professional singer though you’re just singing for fun through applauds of friends and loved ones.


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Tracy Goh

Category : DND Leaders

Tracy Goh – Senior Division Director

Tracy Goh has been in the real estate business for more than 2 decades. She believes with the right strategies, everyone can make big money in real estate in good and bad times with minimal risk.

To find out more about Tracy Goh



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Stan Chung

Category : DND Leaders


Stan Chung – District Director

Stan Chung is considered a relatively new comer to the industry, with less than 5 years of experience in real estate under his belt. Perhaps this is the main reason why he is able to capitalise on the need for fast flexibility in today’s fast moving constantly changing pace in the Singapore Real Estate Industry.

At 30 and drawing a healthy salary as Regional General Manager of a trading firm, Stan took the plunge and went in full time as a Property Salesperson. With strong emotional support from his wife, Jocelyn, he pursued relentlessly on the secrets to becoming a successful realtor.

8 months into his career, Stan managed to achieve several awards which spurs him on to explore new territories.
These awards include:

* Top Rookie
* Top Group Director (Yes, as a new agent, he managed to juggle sales and coaching and in between, formed a small team of 20 agents)
* Top 10 Agent
* Top HDB Transactor

The market that intrigued him was the private property market and in Oct 2010, he made the bold move of moving to Huttons, to explore a totally new market.

Armed with the determination to succeed and encouragement from his soul mate and team mates, Stan took 2 months to hit Top 10 agent in Huttons. Constant strong results in sales see him adapting to this new market with gusto and his enthusiasm and success soon draw agents from other agencies to his team.

Perhaps it is because of his relatively new entry into the industry, fresh new agents are able to relate to what he coaches and the experiences he shares. Very soon, he sees success in his team’s growth when he started getting monthly Top Group Director awards in Huttons.

September 2011 sees Stan taking yet another bold step in his career in property. He took up the management role of Chief GL and was tasked with the management of the first project under his belt; Thomson Grand (Developer: Cheung Kong Holdings).

At Thomson Grand, he led the team to strong sales despite the introduction of Government measures in December 2011. With good teamwork and strong sales coaching, the team successfully sold out Thomson Grand in early 2012.

April 2012 sees a strong spark in both Stan’s career and his personal life. A month to remember, he was promoted to 2nd In-Charge (2IC) in Huttons, a promotion which paid homage to his dedication in leading his team well.

This good news is dwarfed only by the introduction of a new member to his family, his son Seth.

Seth’s arrival encouraged and motivated Stan to work even harder and with great amazement, he was given another promotion within the short span of 3 months. Stan was promoted to Main In-Charge (Main IC). This promotion ranks among the fastest in the history of Huttons.

Projects after projects, Training after training, Stan plowed through his career in Huttons with great colours. This can be seen in the good results that his projects produced. Some of his projects include:

* Cityscape@Farrer (Taken over from the initial 2 marketing agencies; Stan’s team sold 3 times as many units, taking less than half the time)

* Q Bay Residences

* Alexandra Central

* LIV on Sophia

* Thomson Three

* LIV on Wilkie

* RiverTrees Residences

In 2013, Stan managed a fantastic Double in his career.

In Huttons 1st Annual Convention, he won the award of Annual Top Senior Group Director and squeezed into the Top 10 (Sales) in Huttons. A befitting way to cap the great efforts and dedication displayed in 2013.

Leading a strong team of over 150 agents, Stan is currently working on coaching more agents and building up a stronger team.

Would you like to be part of his Dynamic Young Team?

Feel free to drop him a call @ 9229 2322 for a discussion.

That Call may change your life. Call Now! 9229 2322.

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Desmond Ng

Category : DND Leaders

Desmond Ng – Senior District Director

Why I join Huttons DND?

Three reasons. First, the team culture is something you can’t find any place else. Every teammate is friendly and open to helping you learn and grow. You will just need to be equipped with an open mind to learn and it’s as simple as that! Second, Huttons is a place where I can continue my growth. In DPremium Division, we have all the trainings and success sharing sessions for becoming a top producer in the real estate. Third, Huttons has an abundance of new launch projects which is a great addition to the existing properties in the secondary market. And in DPremium Division, we strive to make everyone financially freed in the midst of enjoying what we are doing!

Why I love what I do?

When other ask “What is it that you do?” I love telling them that I am a businessman who sells and markets Dreams. Everyone will dream to have a property of their own and many have worked so hard so that they can be able to afford them. What is more enjoyable to be the person who makes their dreams come true? I get to see beautiful properties every day and it is a very rewarding career!

My career path

I remember the day I was in an open house of Ngee Ann Polytechnic undecided what I was going to choose for my studies. My key focus was to find a course which can provide me a job that interacts with people and pays well. That’s where I chanced upon Building & Real Estate Management. After my graduation, I had a brief experience with Far East Organisation doing property management. To pursue my passion in sales, I joined American Express International Inc. and I was doing corporate sales.

A friend who was in real estate encouraged me to join Huttons about 6 years ago because I was pursuing for a breakthrough in my career. At that time, that friend was making a whopping 6 digits figure a month and he was enjoying his job! I took the leap and have never looked back ever since.

A day at work

In a typical day, I interact with clients, conduct trainings in new development showflats, having meetings with the teams, mentor and train others, all the while sitting back smiling and enjoying my career.

Being a Team Leader to me…

As a Leader, I believe in setting the culture right. It is very important to create a cohesive environment where every teammate helps one another. Every day, a leader thinks of new ways and ideas to value add to the team. In fact, every leader’s objective is to ensure his or her teammates do well, have a sales breakthrough, maintain consistency and be financially freed! Every single day, I will find more creative ways to do just that

What I love outside of work

I love outdoor sports, mostly swimming, basketball and mountain biking. I remember taking part in the Street Basketball 3 on 3 competition when I was only 13! Certainly time flies! Occasionally, I will take a trip overseas for mountain biking with a group of “Khakis” And recently, I have a new passion in photography as I will go travelling with my love ones and take lots of nice pictures.


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